Self-Care for Parents

SCANVA is a great source of encouragement for parents to care for themselves. This organization has a poster, articles, radio show and podcast.

Self-Care for Parents poster
DO YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL/EMOTIONAL SELF? DO YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR CREATIVE/SPIRITUAL SELF? Parents often feel pressured to give so much to our children that we forget to take care of ourselves, or we feel guilty for taking care of ourselves.

An article from SCANVA
Parenting Today radio show, about 10 minutes:
A podcast on self-care for parents with iHeart Radio’s Lori Brooks:
This article from is about taking care of your deeper wounds in order to benefit yourself and your child. # 5 has some good ideas for taking care of yourself by de-stressing:
Healing Yourself So You Can Be a More Peaceful Parent
An article by Erin Leyba, LCSW, Ph.D., contributor to Psychology Today magazine.
PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support), has several helpful articles:
Self-Care for Parents:
PEPS Moms share how they recharge:
Self-care for Parents of Newborns:
Check Your Boobies:
Creating Healthy Families: Putting Yourself and Your Relationship First
Why self-care is an important part of parenting, and how to make time for it:
This article from GoZen! nicely balances a philosophical approach to self-care with practical tips:
8 Self-Care Tips for Parents Who Have No Time for Self-Care
From Ladies Want, here’s a short, down-to earth article that makes it sound easy!
5 Steps to Self-Care for Parents in the New Year
Carrie Contey is a nationally recognized prenatal and perinatal psychologist. Here are several of her short, inspiring videos.
In this one she enthusiastically encourages parents to take care of themselves!
And this one is just pure fun! It’ll make you smile and inspire you to try out some of these ways to take care of yourself. It’s just under two minutes!
This one is profound, and only four minutes long. It is directed to teachers but very applicable to parenting (the overlap is striking):
If you need even more support for prioritizing care of yourself, just google “Self Care for Parents,” and visit both the “web” and “video” results pages. There are an amazing number of articles, posters and videos out there!